Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products made?

All of our products have been made by our family in Los Angeles since the 1920s. Our current facility is located about 5 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles in the city of Vernon.

If you’re 90 years old, why haven’t I ever heard of you guys? And where else can I find your products?

Chances are, if you’ve lived in Southern California long enough, you’ve probably tried Maestro Sausage without even knowing it. And so have your parents. And probably their parents too.

Please ask your favorite restaurants if they carry Maestro Sausage. Our products are served by foodservice establishments off all kinds; be it your local pizzeria, your neighborhood Mexican restaurant, your favorite BBQ joint, the high-end Italian restaurant you went to on your birthday, and even Dodger Stadium.

If you live in Southern California, we also recommend purchasing our products from the fantastic independent markets and delis that serve as our brick & mortar retailers. Their offerings may vary, but these retailers allow you to buy our products in lower quantities than we sell online. Several offer curbside service, and they are all quality-driven local businesses.

When will my products arrive?
Please refer to our shipping policy for the most up to date shipping information. 
How do I cook your products?

We send a tip-sheet with every order to provide some guidance. At the end of the day, people’s preferences vary. Luckily, sausages are a pretty hard thing to mess up! Just make sure that you cook raw sausages thoroughly. Raw pork sausages should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 deg F throughout. Raw chicken sausages should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 deg F throughout.

Do your products contain MSG?

No… But we secretly love MSG, so we won’t say anything bad about it smile

Are your products gluten free?

Except for the Bangers, which contain bread-crumbs, we do not add any gluten-containing ingredients to any of our other products sold online and we have controls to prevent cross contamination in our facility; however, our spices are not certified as “Gluten Free” because they are processed in a facility that also processes gluten and may have shared contact surfaces with it. Also, we do not perform the ongoing laboratory product testing necessary to support a free and clear “Gluten Free” claim.

Do your products contain other allergens or sensitive items?

Allergens and sensitive items are listed in the ingredients statement within the “Additional Information” sections of each item. Please read our ingredient statements carefully if you have allergies.

Are your products Antibiotic and Hormone Free?
We do not make any specific claims on our labeling; however, please read this article to better understand the subject. Here are a couple quotes to help sum up the information in the article and how it relates to our products:

“In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations prohibit any use of hormones in pork and poultry, so those industries do not use artificial or added hormones in the production process. Therefore, all pork and poultry is eligible to be labeled with “Raised without Hormones”.

“All meat should be free of antibiotic residues, so it should all be “antibiotic free.”


What is the shelf-life of your products?

When stored frozen, all products have a 180-day shelf-life from the date it was produced. The date it was produced is printed on an label on the packaging. Freeze product immediately upon receipt and keep until 180 days (6 months) past the date printed on the packaging, or refrigerate product immediately upon receipt and use within 3-4 days.

If I have a problem, how do I reach out?

We’ve tried our best to answer as many questions as we can here on this Online Retail Storefront. For inquiries beyond what you see here, and for troubleshooting, please email and include your name, order number, information that would help us, and a phone number where we can reach out. But please be patient. We are a small company and we must prioritize our Chef and Restaurant customers, who need extra support in this whirlwind of a COVID-19 era. We don’t have much of a customer service team for this part of our business, and please be mindful that this online ordering service is a “side-hustle” to help us keep everyone employed. Our responses may be slow, but we will take care of you. Thank you for understanding.

I'm a Chef or Restaurant who would like to use your products in my Foodservice establishment. How can I get Foodservice pricing and distributor information?
Please visit our foodservice website at where you can contact us, request foodservice samples, browse our foodservice catalog, and find wholesale information. Thank you for your interest.